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The sexual violence and sexual abuse awareness week was between 4th-10th February 2019. As an organisation we wanted to take the opportunity to join in with other services to raise awareness and have a presence within the local area this week.

We were at Huddersfield University on Thursday 7th February from 10am-3pm where we had a stall to provide assistance and further information into the support that we offer. This was to provide awareness to students and any University bodies to ensure more and more people know about our services. The University also lit up their buildings in purple and green to support the Rape Crisis colours.

We also had some leaflets at the Packhorse Shopping Centre, Unit 20 on Friday 8th February between 12pm-3pm. Jordan’s Solicitors were there to provide support on legal matters regarding abuse. Unfortunately no-one from KCRASAC was able to attend but we had our leaflets out so people can contact us if they wish.

Ramsdens Solicitors also held two coffee and cake drop-ins where all of the proceeds were going to KCRASAC, on behalf of everyone at KCRASAC we want to say a massive thank you for them!!

There has also been two light up the night walks in Manchester (6th February) and Leeds (8th February), we are hoping to arrange one in Huddersfield next year!!