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Risk Taking Behaviours Self Help Guides

Risk Taking Behaviours

Addictions are a common way of coping with the pain of sexual abuse. You may be addicted to anything from dangerous situations, food, sex, alcohol, drugs or gambling. Addictions become addictive because they fill a need in a person in some way and this may include the numbing down of feelings and memories about abuse. However, addictions are usually self- defeating and destructive.

When you were a child you did not have many options or control. Now you have more resources. You can more easily recognise self-destructive patterns. You can pick and choose between your coping behaviours, discarding the ones that no longer work for you and keeping positive skills you have developed.


• What coping behaviours you have
• How they affect your life today
• If you could use any other healthier coping strategies

Our Helpline Support Service

We are here to listen, to believe you without judgement and can offer support and advice to victim-survivors, family members, friends and partners, as well as signposting and referring to other appropriate services.